Converting to an OVA

The process to convert a vmx file to ova is not too complicated, however it does take some time to get to that point. The first thing that must be done is to download the ovftool which is free after signing in. After ovftool is downloaded, we can download the official Kali Linux VMWare file and unzip it to get access to the vmx within. Then we just run the tool as follows:

kali@kali:~$ ./ovftool Downloads/Kali-Linux-2020.3-amd64.vmwarevm/Kali-Linux-2020.3-vmware-amd64.vmx kali.ova
Opening VMX source: /home/kali/Downloads/Kali-Linux-2020.3-amd64.vmwarevm/Kali-Linux-2020.3-vmware-amd64.vmx
Opening OVA target: /home/kali/kali.ova
Writing OVA package: /home/kali/kali.ova
Transfer Completed
Completed successfully

Then you can use the resulting ova file as you would normally with VirtualBox.

Updated on: 2020-Jun-19
Author: gamb1t